Archive for the 1st MAGICS Workshop at USC, November 12-15, 2017

Software for Materials Science

Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Midtown at USC

November 12-15, 2017

Hands-on tutorials on Reactive Molecular Dynamics simulations for chemical reactions, Empirical Molecular Dynamics for thermal conductivity calculations and Non-Adiabatic Quantum Molecular Dynamics simulations for excited-state modeling

Group workshop 1
Participants and organizers at the MAGICS Workshop venue after a lecture on Reactive Molecular Dynamics
Workshop group
Workshop participants and organizers enjoy some sunny Californian weather

List of Participants

  1. Roghayyeh Lotfi, Post Doctoral Fellow,Penn State University

  2. Kelvin Lu,Graduate Student, Penn State University

  3. Mihiri Hewa Bosthanthirige, Graduate Student, Clemson University

  4. Tao Wei, Professor, Howard University

  5. Lihua Chen, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut

  6. Ahmed Darwish, Graduate Student, North Carolina State University

  7. Baofu Qiao, Research Associate, Argonne National Laboratory

  8. Luis Ruiz Pestana,Post Doctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley

  9. Sergey Galitskiy, Graduate Student, University of Connecticut

  10. Shuozhi Xu, Post Doctoral Fellow, UC Santa Barbara

  11. Andrew Supka, Graduate Student, Central Michigan University

  12. Yanming Wang,Post Doctoral Fellow, MIT

  13. Artem,Khabibullin, Graduate Student, University of South Florida

  14. Wanghui Li, Graduate Student, Los Alamos National Laboratory

  15. Braden Czapla, Graduate Student, Columbia University

  16. Jiheng Zhao, Graduate Student, Stanford University

  17. Liming Xiong, Professor, Iowa State University

  18. Axiel Yael Birenbaum, Post Doctoral Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  19. Thomas Gill, Graduate Student, Stanford University

  20. Ankita Katiyar, Graduate Student, University of Kansas

  21. Liqin Ke, Research Associate, Ames Laboratory

  22. Yuhao Fu, Post Doctoral Fellow, Missouri University

  23. Carlos Leon, Post Doctoral Fellow, Ohio University

  24. Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi, Professor, UC Irvine

  25. Huikuan Chao, Post Doctoral Fellow, Caltech

  26. Ali Morshedifard, Graduate Student, UC Irvine

  27. Nicholas Julian, Graduate Student, UCLA

  28. Chen-Hsi Huang, Post-Doctoral Fellow, UCLA

  29. Siavash Zare, Graduate Student, UC Irvine

  30. Shaama Mallikarjun Sharada, Professor, USC

  31. Chang Liu, Graduate Student, USC

  32. Suyue Yuan, Graduate Student, USC

  33. Haoxuan Li, Graduate Student, USC

  34. Talin Avanesian, Graduate Student, UC Riverside

  35. Sebastian Riano, Graduate Student, USC

  36. Daniel Depew, Graduate Student, USC

Code and Resources

  1. Thermal conductivity plug-insHands-on slides     Code

Published on February 4th, 2018

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