Recent News

  • Joint USC-Rice publication is selected for the Cover of Advanced Materials

    November 2017

  • MAGICS students attends ATPESC 2016

    May 2017

    MAGICS students from USC, Subodh Tiwari and Chunyang Sheng took part in ATPESC 2016, an intensive, two-week training program on key skills required to advance computational science on leadership-class computing systems of the future

  • MAGICS students attend computational workshop at Argonne National Lab

    May 2017

    MAGICS students from USC, Lindsay Bassman, Subodh Tiwari and Kuang Liu learned state-of-the-art optimization techniques at ALCF Computational Performance Workshop.

  • All-hands meeting at USC

    April 2017

    MAGICS team members gathered for the all-hands meeting at USC

  • Center teams from USC, Rice and SLAC meet to discuss ultrafast electron diffraction experiments

    March 2017

  • MAGICS team presents research results at APS

    March 2017

    Postdocs and graduate students from MAGICS presented results about computational synthesis and experimental characterization of two dimensional materials

  • Center teams from USC, Rice and SLAC coordinate for future experiments in Houston

    February 2017

    PIs Priya Vashishta, David Fritz and Pulickel Ajayan conducted discussions about upcoming experiments in March 2017

  • USC students attend the Materials Project Workshop organized by co-PI, Persson, at Berkeley.

    August 2016

    MAGICS students from USC, Nitish Baradwaj and Chunyang Sheng received hands-on training in the Materials Project software infrastructure in a workshop organized by MAGICS Co-PI, Kristin Persson.