QXMD: Non-adiabatic Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulation Engine

  • Non-adiabatic Quantum Molecular Dynamics
  • Scalable Parallel Quantum Molecular Dynamics
  • Multiscale Shock Technique (MSST)
  • External Electric Field

A scalable parallel software for quantum molecular dynamics (QMD) with various extensions (X), where X currently supported include adiabatic and non-adiabatic (NA). QMD follows the trajectories of all atoms, while interatomic forces are computed quantum mechanically based on density functional theory (DFT) with a plane-wave basis and pseudopotential formalism. NAQMD describes electronic excitations using the linear-response time-dependent DFT (LR-TDDFT). Transitions between excited electronic states are treated using surface hopping algorithm. Photo-excitation is described as a non-adiabatic process that involves electronic transitions and coupled nuclear motion.

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IBM BlueGene/Q

ALCF Mira, mpiwrapper-xl

Cray XC40

ALCF Theta, Cray Programming Environment


CentOS 7.3, ifort 16.0, OpenMP 1.8

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GitHub Repository
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Executable didn't run on my machine, can you please help?
A: Executable depends on machine environment and may not run. Please download source code from QXMD Github repository and build it on your environment.
Please refer to Installation section in the QXMD online manual.

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  • QXMD: An open-source program for nonadiabatic quantum molecular dynamics
    F. Shimojo, S. Fukushima, H. Kumazoe, M. Misawa, S. Ohmura, P. Rajak, K. Shimamura, L. Bassman, S. Tiwari, R. K. Kalia, A. Nakano, and P. Vashishta
    SoftwareX 10, 100307: 1-5  (2019)
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Published on September 11th, 2017

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